Pieces of Plot, Summer Edition, Fiction


Awareness of the outside world. Wishing cool vibes to two-legged and four-legged.


Main character is part lizard. Has to remember to complain about the heat in order to pass as fully homo sapien.


Weather Control exists. People can petition their local bureau. Requests are batched with other factors to design upcoming weather.

As always, money talks. Weather lobbyist is now a career.

Weather Control is a global and regional concern that does not respect political borders. People, OTOH, get very excited about political borders. This was a known problem before weather control was possible.

“What happens, for instance, when one country wrings excess water out of a cloud before it drifts over a similarly parched neighbour? How does one engage cross-border negotiations on atmospheric rain, when terrestrial water (in aqueducts and rivers) itself is so contentious? Who actually owns the weather?”

Nature: Change in the weather 2008


Weather Control exists but is not perfect. Weather can be influenced rather than dictated. Main character works in Weather Bureau. Hurricanes have to occur in order to release atmospheric energy. Many are dissipated over water. Every so often, maybe a few times a year, a hurricane has to hit land. The path can be controlled to some extent. Main character’s life is ongoing episodes of the Trolley Problem.


Magic users whose strength goes up with heat & light. They are powerful at the height of summer. They are all but helpless in the depth of winter. Another set of magic users whose strength relies on cold and dark. Each group knows they can’t act with impunity because the next season is coming. Treaties are negotiated in spring & autumn.

Artificially created conditions such as indoor illumination or air conditioning do not effect a magic user’s power.


Per comment, Tardis Data Core: The Seeds of Death

Plus searching, “It is a stock superpower.” TV Tropes: Weather Manipulation.

“Ben Bova’s The Weathermakers is the story of a government agency that controls the weather.” TV Tropes: Weather-Control Machine, Literature. Must look into this this.

I had not heard about any of these. I was simply looking to fill a Saturday post, using the theory that “any fiction – no matter how little – is acceptable.” [Thoughts On Fiction]

It’s hot out, so I thought about weather, so had others, which proves there is little new under the sun.

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  1. Doctor Who, second Doctor, story Seeds of Death (or Doom; 4th had story with one name or the other): global Weather Control, and the Ice Warriors taking it over, is the main plot of the story.

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