Checking Out Another Show


Awareness of the outside world. One death is a tragedy. One thousand deaths is a news story. Am having trouble coming to gripes with several recent catastrophic headlines. My brain keeps sliding away from the facts.



Went to check out another local jumper show that started lower than last time. This show had two classes each of crossrail jumper and 18″, optimum time rather than fastest round. [Stopping By A Horse Show]

Would be an excellent place for us to start. Be at a show. Go in. Look around. Walk over jumps if needed. The jumps are ridiculously small, particularly given the experience levels of horse & rider (Separately, that is. Together, not so much. But I digress) Height has never been the problem.

Would I feel stupid going in at this height with my big, fancy horse? Yes. Is it what my horse needs? Also yes.

The epitome of flat cups. The poles were resting on the legs of the standards. On one hand, made for super low crossrails. OTOH, fell down if you gave them a stern look.


3 thoughts on “Checking Out Another Show

  1. Too much. The brain becomes numb after awhile.
    If Rodney needs a show that’s like the one you describe, who cares what others think? You do what you have to do.

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