Stopping By A Horse Show


Awareness of the outside world. Elizabeth Bear: Gamification might be bad, actually?


Last weekend, we visited a local jumper show on a fact-finding mission. The starting class was .65 meters (2 feet 1 1/2 inches). While I am not a fan of watching people ride in classes that I want to be in, we figured more information is better then less.

Jumps. Tiny, but still too big for us right now. I could feel how Rodney eyes would bug out if I took him into a ring with that much to look at. [Rodney’s Recent Jumps]

Courses. Standard how to have a jumper course without moving your hunter fences.

Note. PVC jumps mean light, light poles. They were coming down with a tap.

We are going to have to work through a lot of overwhelm before a ring full of jumps is a possibility. The height is irrelevant. The only reason the course needs to be .65 meters or .75 meters is so that I can be the adult in the room. [Free Jumping]


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