New Equipment, Saddle For Milton


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New-to-us Stübben saddle for Milton.

Size 31/21, medium/medium wide, at least 50 years old, made in Germany, private sale.

Inexpensive because people don’t appreciate how great these old saddles are.

We are the fourth owners. Can trace ownership, FWIW.

An old-school saddle for an old-school horse. This was made back when Thoroughbred was the default. [Get Off My Lawn, And Take Your Warmblood With You]

Milton approves. (Crosses fingers, because horses.)


5 thoughts on “New Equipment, Saddle For Milton

  1. Very nice saddle. Looks a lot like mine. I was fourth owner of mine, too, so it had to be close to 100 years old when I gave it to a riding school. I owned it 40 years, it was a Crosby. Take care of these old saddles, they’ll last forever. You don’t get craftsmanship like that any more.

  2. Beautiful saddle! I’m trying to find a new-to-me one myself -my incredible 60 year old Cortina doesn’t fit my horse – I’m not getting rid of it though! I agree with another commenter.. “You don’t get craftsmanship like that anymore.”.

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