Trailer Camping, Work In Progress

Horsekeeping Away From Home Awareness of the outside world. Camping concerns involve trash, overuse, and impact on the local environment. Since we “camp” at horse activities, the local environment is a parking lot. ~~~ Our snazzy digs at Whip Hand Farm. [Clinic Report] Sleeping in a horse trailer is not everyone’s choice. We’re cheap and weContinue reading “Trailer Camping, Work In Progress”

Milton Rises To The Occasion, Clinic Report

Driving Awareness of the outside horse world. Driving Digest: Going the Distance w/ Robin & Wilson Groves, Pringle. ~~~ Coach Kate brought driving instructor Robin Groves, R&W Horse Drawn Services, down from Vermont for a clinic. We went up to Tennessee. Saturday was moved to a local indoor when the rain showed up on theContinue reading “Milton Rises To The Occasion, Clinic Report”

Caught With My Mouth Open, Again

Riding Awareness of the outside world. Show benefits St. Jude Children’s Hospital. ~~~ Screen shot from Facebook, taken 5 October 2022. Border added. No Stepping Stone lesson last week. Barn was at Nationals. Did I miss going? Yes, because horse show. No, because super stressful horse show. [Where I Am Not] Last month, Nationals chose aContinue reading “Caught With My Mouth Open, Again”

Removing The Second Rein

Riding Awareness of the outside world. Voting in the US today. Whatever: I Hate Your Politics. ~~~ Rodney has lost hackamore privileges. [Two Reins] On the upside, he goes well in it. Giving aids to his nose does not cause the overly-dramatic curled shrimp reaction that using a bit does. On the downside, he ignores it.Continue reading “Removing The Second Rein”

Recent Reads, Mostly Memoir

Words Awareness of the outside world. The Verge: Welcome to hell, Elon, Patel, Oct 28, 2022. Aside from the amusingly hyperbolic language, the author raises interesting points about the problems facing a global social media platform. ~~~ Blog humming along. Nothing pressing to say for the monthly State of the Blog post. [STOB archives] So,Continue reading “Recent Reads, Mostly Memoir”