Milton and I Hit a New Low

Horsekeeping Awareness of the outside world. Calling all couch potatoes. The World Games this week on Live & replays. Free. ~~~ Milton’s doing fine. He’s taken well to being a husband horse. They are on their third Virtual Tevis. When Rodney took a week off to decide if he liked the style of hisContinue reading “Milton and I Hit a New Low”

When Fact Is More Interesting Than Fiction

Words Sports of the outside world. WBUR: What’s korfball? And why is it gaining popularity in Birmingham, Alabama? April 05, 2022. Video. Found via NPR. Video by Ninh Ly. ~~~ In which I fail at a fiction exercise, but for an interesting reason. Since the beginning of the year, I have been trying to postContinue reading “When Fact Is More Interesting Than Fiction”

Walk, World Games, and Wee Mouser, This Week on Instagram

Images, Photography Awareness of the outside world. I get the feeling that Biden is riding yesterday’s horse. ~~~ Instagram account, virtual_brush_box. Photo Back-Ups Caption: Le Smudge. #catsofinstagram #barncats Caption: First time going for a walk in over a month. 🎉 Caption: BJCC. The World Games Birmingham 2022. #twg2022 Posts Previous [Cat Photo Friday, Instagram][Cat Photos ForContinue reading “Walk, World Games, and Wee Mouser, This Week on Instagram”