Seeing Double Again, ASB Lesson

Riding Awareness of the outside world. National Geographic: Beloved Chincoteague ponies’ mythical origins may be real, Tamisiea, July 27, 2022. Have not read. Need to leave email to finish reading. I was feeling ornery. ~~~ Bubba at Stepping Stone Farm last week. Re-engaging with the double show bridle. Re-gulp. As I said before, I’m usedContinue reading “Seeing Double Again, ASB Lesson”

What About Meeeee? Milton Update

Horsekeeping Awareness of the outside world. Since I whined about my cataracts, I’ll share the good news as well. Primary care doc. Checked that I was signed up for the appropriate appointments, i.e. gyn & mammogram. Ordered blood test. C U in two years. Yay. [Minnesota] ~~~ You keep coming out to see the brownContinue reading “What About Meeeee? Milton Update”

Rodney’s Foot Saga Continues

Horsekeeping Awareness of the outside world. For your entertainment. TIWJ: Talking Mystery With Lawrence Block, White. ~~~ Two weeks ago, Rodney developed what we are 99% sure is an abscess in the back of his hoof. [It’s Always Something, Rodney’s Latest Drama] Fortunately, he went from three-legged lame to mildly off. Unfortunately, he spent last weekContinue reading “Rodney’s Foot Saga Continues”

Great Lakes Graphic

Images Awareness of the outside world. NWF: Protecting the Great Lakes, Alliance for the Great Lakes, USDA: Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, & many more. ~~~ Process notes. The intention was five lakes with the indents resembling promontories. What came out was blobs within blobs. So, I fell back on geometrics. HOMES Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie,Continue reading “Great Lakes Graphic”

In Which I Ponder The Mechanics Of A 50 State Checklist

Words Art of the outside world. Free fiction. Whatever: When the Yogurt Took Over: A Short Story. 2010. Inspired by “No more logical connection to our real one than a world in which an author has imagined humanity ruled by intelligent cups of yogurt.” Whatever: What I Think About Atlas Shrugged. ~~~ [50 States, Cubed]Continue reading “In Which I Ponder The Mechanics Of A 50 State Checklist”

Meandering Through Minnesota, Virtually

Fit To Ride Awareness of the outside world. I have cataracts. I feel old. Yes, I had to get glasses. Young people wear glasses. Yes, I have gray hair. I started going gray at nineteen. Cataracts are an old word. Doc most unperturbed. Small. Nothing to be done yet. Everyone gets them. That’s all wellContinue reading “Meandering Through Minnesota, Virtually”

Celebrate Dogs, Cheer Me Up

Pets Awareness of the outside world. Lane Park: BISS Am.Gr.Ch. Lake Park Ethan, highest placing Basset Hound at Westminster Kennel Club 2022. WRC: results, click on name for presentation photo. ~~~ [Foto Friday: Dash] First The Sad Part For the first time since 1988, we are a dogless household. Dash, aka Tidbit, our Basset Hound,Continue reading “Celebrate Dogs, Cheer Me Up”