Lessons from No Stirrup November

Riding Awareness of the outside world. CETI: The CETI scientific team collaborated to develop a scientific roadmap, Cetacean Translation Initiative: A Roadmap to Deciphering the Communication of Sperm Whales.~~~ Achievement: unlocked! Clear – 16 NSN rides. Grey – 7 rode, not NSN. Stripes – 7 no ride. No Stirrup November with Equisarte Shows. “The mainContinue reading “Lessons from No Stirrup November”

Blog Logo, Graphic Boolean Operators III

Images Awareness of the outside world. The Dance Foundation: Freeform. PERFORMANCE LIVESTREAM: Sat, Dec 11 at 7PM, FREE.~~~ Continuing to explore Boolean graphic operations in Inskcape. Part 3, this time with logo practice in keeping with the monthly State of the Blog yesterday. [Part I, Part II] Huh? I thought this was going to be aContinue reading “Blog Logo, Graphic Boolean Operators III”

The Difficulty of Writing the Mundane, State of the Blog

Blogging About Blogging Awareness of the outside world. Books. Rereading Hogfather. HO. HO. HO.~~~ Have I been riding Rodney? Yes, I have. Just haven’t been posting about it. The most recent riding post was the end of last month. [Rodney & Milton’s Excellent Instruction 24 Nov] The most recent non-lesson riding post was at the beginningContinue reading “The Difficulty of Writing the Mundane, State of the Blog”

The Next Step, State of the Fitness, November

Fit To Ride Awareness of the outside world. What a difference a few miles makes. Hat tip to M for pointing this out. Birmingham is known as The Magic City. We have Magic City this, Magic City that, Magic City here, Magic City there [Magic City 5K]. Over in Atlanta, Magic City is a stripContinue reading “The Next Step, State of the Fitness, November”

Winter Vittles

Horsekeeping Awareness of the outside world. “… pretending not to see color means denying that people are treated differently on the basis of this.” Comment by 2QS on Whatever: The Big Idea: Patricia A. Jackson about her novel, Forging a Nightmare. Conversely, a news article on the Arbery case (apologies for not relocating) explained thatContinue reading “Winter Vittles”

Lack of Lessons Lately

Riding Awareness of the outside world. Ancient Alabama, part three. AL.com: Stunning White Cliffs of Alabama hint at the forces that shaped the Black Belt, Pillion, Nov 12, 2021.~~~ No lesson at Hunter Barn in the last two weeks. [That Moment When You Remember You Are On A School Horse] The first week was a conflictContinue reading “Lack of Lessons Lately”

In Which I Get In Touch With My Inner Shopasaurus

The Horse World Awareness of the outside world. Boostered last Tuesday, wearing one of my flashy new masks.~~~ Remember when I said that writing a post may have occasioned a shopping spree? [Socks It To Me] Result. Masks, bag &, more socks from Laurel Burch Studios. Two masks for general wear and one for horse-related occasions.Continue reading “In Which I Get In Touch With My Inner Shopasaurus”