Playing Catch Up, Week 11, Virtual Tevis 2022

Riding Awareness of the outside world. Reuters: Ancient DNA solves mystery over origin of medieval Black Death, Dunham, June 15, 2022. Explainer, Cleveland Clinic: Bubonic Plague. I remember being greatly disturbed when I found out it still exists. Seven or so cases in the US each year; treatable with antibiotics. ~~~ This week. 4 miles,Continue reading “Playing Catch Up, Week 11, Virtual Tevis 2022”

Mindwork Monday, Upcoming Appointment

Mentally Fit To Ride Good Enough is Good Enough“Dr Winnicott’s crucial insight was that perfectionism can be cruel and counterproductive.” NIH: Br J Gen Pract. 2017 Jul; 67(660): 311. Appointment with sports psych doc this week. Preliminary data suggests that their approach is scientific without being medical. I can get behind that. As always, specificsContinue reading “Mindwork Monday, Upcoming Appointment”

Playing With Patterns

Images Art from the outside world. Black Southern Belle: 5 Pieces of Juneteenth Art We Adore! ~~~ Motif, the thing that gets repeated. Block repeat Half-drop Mirrored Rotational Radiating Gradation Source of terms. BBC: Bitesize, Pattern. With gorgeous examples. More terms. So many terms. Artlandia: Pattern Design Terms Defined and Illustrated. Pattern design software. TurnsContinue reading “Playing With Patterns”

Have You Read This? Vicarious Walking

Words Not reviews. Imagine we are in a bookstore. I wander up to you, hand you one of these books, say ‘Have you read this one?’, then wander off. Whereupon you look at the cover, turn it over, look at the back cover, read the blurb, flip through the book, and decide for yourself ifContinue reading “Have You Read This? Vicarious Walking”

A Foto For Friday, Reopening The Blog Instagram Account

Images, Blogging About Blogging Awareness of the outside world. Jim C. Hines: Thoughts on Blood Donation and Bodily Autonomy. May 2022. ~~~ On Friday posts, I usually talk about my fitness efforts, such as they are. It’s difficult to generate content – particularly fitness content – with one’s foot in the air. [Bored] So IContinue reading “A Foto For Friday, Reopening The Blog Instagram Account”

Doing What We Can, Schooling Jumps At The Walk

Riding Awareness of the outside world. Did civic stuff at county courthouse & city hall this week. Saw more masks than I was expecting. Only a few, but enough that I didn’t feel like a lone weirdo. ~~~ I’m riding, but only at the walk. [Easing On Down The Road] We went over to FalconContinue reading “Doing What We Can, Schooling Jumps At The Walk”

Saddle Seat Versus Dressage, What Kind Of Go Do You Want?

Riding Awareness of the outside world. Alabama New Center: Alabama Power’s infrastructure suffered historic damage during the April 2011 storms and tornadoes. Massey, April 23, 2021. Outstanding photos by Meg McKinney, as always. It’s a 10-year retrospective article. Lead photo & some of the others are by Meg. Hover over photo to see labels. ~~~Continue reading “Saddle Seat Versus Dressage, What Kind Of Go Do You Want?”