Ready For Their Roadtrip Buddy Movie


Lucky enough to have a horse.

Awareness of the outside world. School openings. No kids. One teacher in immediate family. Many kids in extended family. Therefore, we are not directly affected on a personal level, i.e. no schooling from home, no exposure issues. Indirectly affected personally and directly affected on a community & societal level.

First time we have loaded both horses. Test of concept. Gold stars all around.

Milton had the difficult job. In order to use the butt bar on the second stall, the back tack area has to be set up. Instead of walking into a wide open space, he has to go in through a narrow space and then turn left. Say what?

Rodney just had to stand there.

Test drive with empty trailer. Has not moved since March. Check.

Test drive with Milton. After giving him a good look at the question several times, I had to show a small amount of fang to convince him that, yes he really did have to do this strange maneuver. Lots of cookies. Check.

Test drive with Rodney. Still takes two to load him. Person in the rear doesn’t DO anything, just stands there in his line of sight. ‘Oh, okay.’ Check.

Test drive with both. Rodney stayed loaded. Got Milton. ‘What’s he doing here?’ Yeah, it’s weird. Ya gotta get on anyway. Check.

We did deconstruct the tack space so that Milton could walk off forward. He really prefers to come off the trailer nose first.

Stay safe. Stay sane.
Katherine Walcott

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