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Awareness of the outside world. Architectural Photography Almanac.


Have signed up for a class in Architectural Photography taught by Meg McKinney at Samford Academy of the Arts. [Archive]

This is why I bought a tripod and cable release. [Photo Safari The First, Beeswax Creek Park]

I would define architectural photography as an image where building or structure is the subject, not that it just happened to be in the photo.

Do water towers, stairs, bridges, windows, bollards count as architecture or just buildings?

Since I have not done any homework yet, it is time for a cheesy clip show, cue The Simpson’s music.


Landmarks & Public Buildings


Walkways & Sidewalks

Homes & Hotels



Horse Houses


Process notes. For my reference. This is where I discovered tiled gallery, which places the photos much better than regular gallery. Also used for Pastureau’s Palette post. To edit a tiled gallery – because I won’t remember – open list view, select, convert to gallery, add photo, convert back .

Links. Also for my reference. Clockwise, starting at upper left.

Landmarks & Public Buildings

[Circling The Capitol, Walk Report, Montgomery 5K]

[Strolling In Another Park Another Day, Walk Report, Savannah Bridge Run, Virtual 5K, December 2020] Regions Field

[Spirit Of Mississippi, Toomsuba, MS] brick rest stop

[Murals at the Birmingham Zoo]

[Mood On Monday, When?] Empire State Building & skyline from Rockefeller Center.


[Exercise and The Illusion Of Social Contact, State of the Fitness, March 2022] lake, Veteran’s Park, Alabaster

[Over and Over and Over, Walk Report, Savannah Bridge Run, Virtual 5K] walkway with railings

[Skirting the Swamp, Walk Report, DIY 5K, Kymulga Grist Mill] covered bridge[

[Strolling In Another Park Another Day, Walk Report, Savannah Bridge Run, Virtual 5K, December 2020]

[Finding My Own Peace, Bridges In The Gardens, Walk Report II, Calgary Virtual 5K] with feet inset

[Repeating The River, Year of the Ox Challenge, Walks 7 and 8, Cahaba River Walk Park]

Walkways & Sidewalks

[Following The Signs, Walk Report, UAB Hospital Concourse]

[Flying Low, Walk Report, DragonCon Virtual 5K] airport

[Blog Logo in Blue] snow

[Greenway Stroll, Part II, Baltimore Running Festival Virtual 5K, October 2020] residential sidewalk

[Hitting The Bricks, Walk Report, Splash of Color Dash Virtual 5K] brick lined

Homes & Hotels

[Horses of NYC 2017, Home Again Home Again Jiggety Jog] apartment building

[The Road Leads to Lexington] housr

[Horses of NYC 2016] hotel window


[Found Art, Screening Stickers]

[Foto Friday: Caeruleus Descending] blur lights

[Gratuitous Cat Picture: Stairs]

[Greenway Stroll, Part I, Virtual Queen Bee 4-Miler, October 2020]


[My Spirit Animal, LEGO Horse NYC]

[Equine Logos of Grand River]

[REI Vulcan]

Horse Houses

[Spotted in NYC 2017 at a Special Place] Madison Square Garden

[I am not back. This is not a post] metal chicken barn

[New Arena]


[Collision of Worlds] stalls


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  1. Very impressive! Not just the photos which are great but the tiled gallery. Looks like a lot of work.

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