Following The Signs, Walk Report, UAB Hospital Concourse

Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. Shout out to the woman in the parking garage. Four people were already on the elevator. Although there was plenty of space, there was not enough socially-distant space. She indicated she would wait for the next elevator. From the back corner, I give her a thumbs up. She returned my gesture with a brief nod. It was a small moment, taking longer to tell than to occur. It made me feel that we are all in this together. We need more of that.

The Walk

UAB Medicine Walking Trail
UAB Medicine Buildings and Concourse Walkways
30 November 2021
~1 mile. GPS was still on kilometers from a virtual 5K over the weekend.
~22 minutes

Went in for my annual mammogram. (Have you had yours – as appropriate? Did you know they stop at age 75? But I digress.) Afterwards, I did my daily mile in a loop around the UAB Hospital buildings, using corridors and over-the-street walkways.

Searching on “UAB Medicine Buildings and Concourse Walkways” leads to a PDF of the map. Wasn’t sure how to link to a PDF.

The Signs

The hospital has put up motivational signs to encourage walking. I started taking pictures of the signs to send to my online walking group. I ended up with so many that I decided a post was more appropriate than clogging up the group message queue. And that is why you got a walk report on a one-mile walk. (Usually, I do posts on 5Ks.)

Update. Listed with monthly walks. [The Next Step, State of the Fitness, November]

Stay safe. Stay sane.

3 thoughts on “Following The Signs, Walk Report, UAB Hospital Concourse

  1. Loved the walking signs! So good to see a hospital trying to keep you healthy in addition to treating the unhealthy. Go UAB!

  2. I always get a mammogram. Sometimes it’s hard for them to tell because I have what used to be called fibrocystic breast disease. Scared some women. It’s not a disease, it’s just a condition where there are a lot of benign lumps. But Mom had 2 malignant lumps removed when she was in her 80s, I don’t remember exactly, so I’m careful about this. Lumps are actually more common in older women, so stopping at age 75 is stupid. Lucky thing her doctor was cautious so they were able to remove just the lumps before it spread.

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