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Awareness of the outside world. More send ups of holiday movies. Hat tips to K & M for these. [Cue Cheesy Music]


A few things on my Christmas wish list.

Background Check. A decent backdrop for holiday Zoom calls. Not a generic, cute, seasonal scene. I suspect I could figure that one out. I want a filter that shows my house, except cleaned, decluttered, and displaying that artwork I’ve been meaning to get framed. You know, my house as it looks in my head, not as it looks in reality.

The Gift of Song. The ability to sing. For one month. So I can sing Christmas carols. Even one song. I’d love to belt out Adeste Fideles without causing the cat to leave the room.

It’s A Parallel Life. A look at where I would be if my life had gone in a different direction. If I had take this job. If I had gone to that college. If I had chosen to gee instead of haw. Would I be more happy? Less happy? Differently happy?

What would you ask for?


Text from above in case they disappear from Twitter.

Crystal Lowery Comedian @Crystalllowery I watched a Hallmark movie backwards. A woman in an ugly Christmas sweater dumped her loser, small town boyfriend to pursue a law career in NYC where she lived happily ever after in pencil skirts and amazing shoes. Dec 2 2021

Rohita Kadambi @RohitaKadambi Every big city heroine in a Hallmark Christmas Movie needs to ask where that small town guy was on January 6, 2021. Nov 30 2021

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3 thoughts on “Gift Guide, Fiction

  1. I am still having trouble getting the lighting right for Zoom, much less backgrounds, but a wish spent on lighting?
    Allow me the illusion that I sing adequately?
    My parallel life might make me sad[der] so do I want to know?
    Money to pay for the repipe in my condo, at least enough so I wouldn’t owe more than it’s worth?
    Could I undo my own acts of unkindness from years past that still haunt me? Yes, that’s the one.

  2. I wish I could sing the way I used to, before decades of asthma inhalers did their work. Sometimes even my speaking voice gets wonky – one of my inhalers is known to cause vocal cord irritation, but it works, which a lot don’t. I was a contralto, with a 2 octave range. Sometimes my voice comes back, and I sing until it goes away again. Luckily my horses and dogs didn’t seem to mind the bad song days.
    I don’t have Zoom.

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