Apres Lesson, In Which We Do Very Little


Awareness of the outside world. Teen Vogue: The Fantastical Hobbyhorse Universe in Finland Is Captured in “The Gallop”, Antón, December 3, 2021. The Guardian: Hobbyhorsing: what girls everywhere can learn from the Finnish craze, Barton, 30 Apr 2019. Note date in second link. This is not a new thing.

On Wednesday, we had a proto-jumping lesson. [In Which We Almost Have a Jumping Lesson]

We will work! We will practice all the things! We will … stand around and do nothing. Almost nothing.

On Thursday, Rodney bonked himself on the leg, probably during a frolic.

Right front, inside, between bone and tendon, just above the fetlock.

The insult was tiny. A scrape. A slight swelling. Maybe a bit of heat if I concentrated. Had it been on his butt, I would not have given it a second look.

However. Leg. Delicate, fragile, horse leg.

Cue time off. Hosing. Constant, obsessive feeling of the the injured leg. Coupled with constant, obsessive feeling of the opposite leg for comparison.

He never took an off step and did not behave as if anything hurt.

We did a few hand walks. When he stood for too long, he would puff up. Slightly.

Over the weekend, we did one short mounted walk/stand in order to keep Milton company. I figure he walks all day anyway, he can hoist my carcass around for a few minutes and play couch. Particularly after he was seen cantering up for breakfast.

All that momentum from the lesson and we went … nowhere.


Maybe I should get a hobby horse.

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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