In Which We Almost Have a Jumping Lesson


Awareness of the outside world. Ancient Alabama, part five, Alabama’s spectacular Little River Canyon was formed by ancient sea mud, Pillion, 17 Nov 2021, updated 19 Nov 2021.

Brought Rodney over to Hunter Barn for last week’s lesson.

Since Rodney and I haven’t done much consistently, we started with the basics. Halt. Walk. Trot. Poles.

Instructor did an excellent job creating a challenging lesson with such unexciting material. Halt square. Stay straight. March at the walk. Slow my posting at the trot.

Even at the walk, Instructor insisted that I stay on task. Hunter Barn horses work while they are in the ring. They can chill when strolling around outside the ring. When in the ring, they work. I am much more likely to say, ‘Hey that was a good five minutes of work, why don’t we relax for five minutes, or maybe ten.’

We need to work on fitness & keeping Rodney working from behind. No jumps yet, but getting closer.

Milton gets a gold star for staying home. He doesn’t have the freedom of the field yet, but he behaved himself in the stall. 🌟 [Rodney’s Semi-Permanent Gold Star]

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In other news, I have sent in my membership to Alabama Hunter Jumper Association. If history is any indication, that means I will go nowhere near a hunter show next year. [Ambushed By My Mailbox]

Stay safe. Stay sane.

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