Photo Safari The First, Beeswax Creek Park


Awareness of the outside world. The Atlantic: Selections From the Audubon Photography Awards Top 100, Taylor, July 13, 2022.


Cove. Beeswax Creek Park, Alabama. 6 September 2022. Manual & auto-focus. f/13.0, 1/60 sec,, ISO 200. Tripod & remote release. No post-production.

Process Notes

I went. I saw. I took photos. Given those parameters, the day was 100% successful.

Bah, humbug.

Dragged self out there because I said I would. [State of the Blog, Photo Theory and Photo Class Recap]

I like the idea of photography. I have to figure what part of the field excites me.

Reasons I have taken photos in the past.

1. Paid. Mostly film. Newspapers, magazines, horse show coverage.

2. Phone snaps for blog.

Both focus – so to speak – on results. Artistic merit is secondary to content that is delivered with competence in a timely fashion.

3. Class assignments. These have been continuing education classes, so no harm/no foul if I did them well, badly, or not at all.

Experience with photography as hobby? Not so much.

If this is to be a durable project, I must find a way to motivate self. Entertainment or money, one or the other. Both would be ideal, having at least one is mandatory.

The field is vast. There is something for me. Just need to find it.

Maybe getting out and about is enough of a result for now.

That’s the thing about photography. One has to be there. Writing, not so much. I can’t recall the last time I interviewed a person face to face.

Psychological note. My ability to deal with frustration – never strong – is currently non-existent. I sank immediately into the Slough of Despond when camera started blinking at me and the manual was no help. Sigh.

Water plants. Beeswax Creek Park, Alabama. 6 September 2022. Manual & auto-focus. f/5.6, 1/640 sec, 140mm, ISO 200. Tripod & remote release. No post-production.

Added. No cropping in either photo. Using these as educational notes to self. Not sure what data will be useful, so recording everything.

What I learned from Day 1

Tripod doesn’t move. Duh. I knew this. Need to move camera? Move tripod. Easy-peasey. Need to rotate camera up or down? Not so easy. I did not realize how much pitch I put into adjusting the image.

It can be done. Loosen knob. Look through viewfinder while tipping camera. Tighten knob. Much easier when the gimbal is your wrist.

To complete the triad, roll is wiggling side to side. I usually keep a level horizon. Yaw is around the vertical axis. Move the tripod.

New tripod. My first one.

Note On Border Colors

One border color as a thread throughout the project. Picked #808080 gray for the grayscale of photography.

Yellow for Nikon brand, from website.


6 thoughts on “Photo Safari The First, Beeswax Creek Park

  1. Finally have a chance to sit at the computer for fun and am catching up on your posts. I love the link to the Audubon photos. Wow!

    I struggle with taking photos with my real camera these days. I often feel “what is the point” or I lack inspiration. Or or or. Post processing takes time. Sharing them anywhere even more so.

    I love seeing your pictures and your perspective.

  2. Thank you.

    Need to learn post processing. In the past, it was done for me by experts. In one case, I *couldn’t* post process or their system couldn’t read my files. Something to blog about.

  3. Lovely photos. I miss my film camera, I’m still working on getting it working. My old tripod would – still does, as far as I know – tilt all directions.

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