Humming Along, State of the Fitness

Fit To Ride

Awareness of the outside world. My Best Race: #5417 In a Naked Pandemic Race, You Can Leave Your Hat On. Aggregated from NYT, MIller, August 2020.


Fitness program same as before. Lots of walking, a bit of biking. Have re-added taking one of the horses with me on walks. Figure walking can’t hurt any of us.

Places are walks, one mile unless noted.

New Places


Downtown Columbiana

Repeat Places


Beeswax Creek Park, repeat & photo safari [Strolling By The Lake, Photo Safari The First]

Orr Park, repeat & 5K [Greenway Stroll, Virtual 5K post pending update Slow Flight Around The Park, Dragon Con Hustle Virtual 5K 2022]

Walmart [Ambling About]

Stepping Stone Farm

Local park

Virtual Places

Minnesota, walking & biking. [Biking and Walking Virtually, Mississippi River, Part One, Minnesota]

DragonCon Hustle, Virtual 5K

Virtual New Balance 5th Avenue Mile. On the third try, I finally sorted out how Strava recognizes this. Among other things, the type of activity must be a run rather than a walk. Didn’t bother me in the past. I walk all manner of 5K runs. This year, I decided to be a purist and not count this since I did not “run” it. [Strolling Along The Avenue 2020, Replicating The Setting 2021]

Data Dump

Walking – 23 days

Biking – 3 days

Doubles – 2 days

Nothing – 8 days. Six of the zero days where horse-related activities, show, lesson, driving derby. One day was the dentist, which wears me out. Only one day when I said Pffffft and sat on the couch.

Last month [State of the Fitness, Ambling About]


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