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Awareness of the outside world. More of this please. The Guardian: ‘The American lawn feels irresponsible’: the LA homes ditching grass for drought-friendly gardens, Beckett, photographs by Jucevic, 24 Sept 2022. Yes! Thank you. I have long thought we as a society should stop trying to pretend we live in bijoux English country estates. I remember seeing pebble lawns at my grandparent’s retirement community in Florida many, many years ago. I was told that residents gave it the side eye. I thought it made a huge amount of sense.


The new Now.


As of 3 October 2022

Milton is driving.

Rodney senses a disturbance in the force. It’s easy to claim the #1 horse spot when both of you are pasture ornaments.

Until next month.


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3 thoughts on “A Disturbance In The Force, State of the Now

  1. Again, your opening link is fascinating.

    We have let our lawn go during the spring when the bluets turn the yard in a pale blue carpet. We take NoMowMay seriously. As each year passes, the “lawn” becomes more and more like a meadow. The bluets are followed by wild strawberries. Both plants are low, green and don’t seem to need much water. They are aggressive. We have more meadow and less lawn every year. More flowers and less work.

    Thanks for the article.

    Speaking of work, driving seems like a lot of work for Milton as well as you.

  2. Driving is a HUGE amount of work for me as header & spectator, mainly emotional.

    Added later. Missed this part. Work for Milton? Horses seem to find driving easier than being ridden. Driving is easy for everyone. Right up until it isn’t. 2 Nov 22

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