The Comfort Ride, ASB Lesson


Awareness of the outside world. Gov.UK: History, 10 Downing Street, Larry, Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office.


Lesson at Stepping Stone Farm with Optimus, with inaugural ride of new helmet. [Shopping]

I want to be the bold, aggressive rider who takes on any challenge. I’m not. Especially now that the saddle seat barn is third on the Feelin’ Froggy list.

First. Energy, drive, and enthusiasm goes to my own horses, i.e. riding Rodney and being Milton’s header.

Second. Silver Lining, the event barn. [Chestnut Mare Fanfare]

Third. SSF bats clean up. Fortunately, it does that well. Optimus is such a good dude.

Plus, barn cats.

Lucy In The Cart With Hay

Lunch Demon! Lunch Demon foiled by putting cover back on!


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