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Awareness of the outside world. I don’t remember the exact statistic, nor where I read it. My point here is my reaction. Statement: Important-Covid-Factiod does not effect people under 50! Okay, I’m safe. No, I’m not. Not by 9 years. Sheesh.


We almost didn’t go to the MTCC Derby. [Tennessee Travels, Driving]

The evening before, Rodney’s leg blew up again. Just the inside of the forearm this time. We weren’t sure if we wanted to leave him on his own recognizance from before sun up to after sun down.

When we checked him in the wee hours of the morning, leg was not better, not worse. He was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Nothing for us to do if we stayed home. Off we went.

We did cut the trip short. Left after the derby. This is why the lunch photos are not mine. We left before the food. [Tennessee Travels, Photography]

Got home in daylight. No change.

That was Friday & Saturday. Rodney was better by Tuesday. Just in time to get new shoes. Which means more time off to cope with the new wardrobe. After being stoic for several shoeings – well, for a Rodney version of stoic – he’s back to the post-shoe bootie.

In the good news department, the heel is getting better. The bell boot appears to be protecting as hoped. As I said, I picked neoprene for the padding potential. Neoprene gets a bad rap for heat retention. That is a good thing when one is a lizard and wants one’s body as warm as possible. [Tennessee Travels,Shopping]

Speaking of heat-worshiping lizard, the post that called Rodney a drama llama went up last Tuesday. That night, he wore a winter blanket. In September. In Alabama. With his winter coat growing in. He was delighted.

Back to the leg.

No idea what is going on with him. Two sets of tree-trunk-like swelling (bug bites?) and a sore heel. All on the same leg.


He has had three separate events on one leg, which is weird.


He had some underlying issue that is manifesting this way, which is weird.


Same foot as the sprung shoe. Might be related to bruising the heel. Can’t see how it could be related to the swellings.

I would sigh, but I think that is a given by now.


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