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Awareness of the outside world. “Do you not see the things?” Your horse is the sophisticated city dweller. You are the country mouse oblivious to dangers. Video by Erin ZW @zimerin Instagram 26 Sept 2022.


Lots of driving. No driving by us.

Middle Tennessee Carriage Club was having an in-club Driving Derby at Coach Kate’s house. We went up to help. Greg officiated. I took photos. More on being a show photographer tomorrow.

So much gear. I forget how much gear is involved with driving. When we pulled in, I was surprised to see so many big trailers at a small competition. Oh, that’s right, everyone has to bring a cart. Even competitors with only one horse need a big trailer.

Good weather. Fun was had by all. Experienced horses ran around; new horses walked and learned. Coach Kate always does a good job of putting up a fun course and beautifully decorated obstacles.

We should be doing this. Greg should to be doing this. I have no idea how to find & buy a driving horse, any more than I know how to find & buy a riding horse.

Well, that took more of a glum turn than I intended.

Short-term the day was great. Driving is alive and well in Middle Tennessee. It was good to get off the farm and have a day with friends. Long-term, I would rather be doing than watching.


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  1. We have a pretty robust driving club in Memphis too. Let me know if you ever get down this way in TN! 🙂 Looks like it was a great day!! the weather has been FANTASTIC!

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