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Awareness of the outside world. While the ‘very important people’ are going to do a bunch of posturing, a whole army of workers is going to get started fixing very explicit problems. AL.com: ‘Very fluid situation’: Alabama utilities on stand by, or in Florida, to help restore power after Hurricane Ian, Sep. 29, 2022.


After the Derby, we took a quick trip through Dover since there is not one near us. [Tennessee Travels, Driving]

New hats. One for me, left. One for Greg, right. Since our current hats were bought in 2014, we were well past due for new. Got a discount due to Safety Awareness Week. [3rd Day of Christmas]

Aside, requiring people to replace their helmets seems like planned obsolescence. As I understand it, shattering is a better way to dissipate force than absorbing. This makes the material more brittle. Similar to the way modern car fenders decompose on impact. Any safety scientists want to weight in? End aside.

Second aside, personal. The poor lady at the store asked, ‘What kind of riding do you do?’ A simple question with complicated answer. More of a fraught question than she was intending. Back to our shopping list.

I wanted to check out the new Mips helmets. None of them fit the shape of my head. Despite being willing to splash out on the high(ish) end of the price scale, I ended up with the cheapest – still ASTM/SEI approved – helmet.

Why not? The color makes me smile.

The saddle seat folks can’t complain. They had me in a blue hat.

The eventers probably won’t complain. Two of the three phases in eventing are objective. No one cares what color you wear on cross country or in stadium. One of those two phases actively encourages people to bling out.

The hunter barns? Well, I’m coming to the conclusion that disciplines where I can’t wear a raspberry helmet are not places I would not be happy anyway, i.e. serious hunters, upper-level dressage.

That particular black helmet was chosen for driving as it gives more coverage at the back of the head. Going out the back door is a serious option in a cart.

I’ve had a Troxel helmet before. Very comfortable. Not the first time I have gone in ready to spend big bucks and come away with what suited me best as the least expensive. Back in the dinosaur era, my favorite black show jacket cost $29. Cheap, stretchy, thin. Looked fine from a distance. Technical before technical clothing existed.

For my future reference. Troxel Spirit medium. Tipperary Sportage 8500 large black.

Another reason we stopped by was to pick up jump blocks. These things are a bit hard to ship. Bought in blue to be left at [Stepping Stone Farm].

BTW, “a bit hard” was what my phone autocorrected to when I texted that these are a bitch to ship. Clever bowdlerization.

Double ended snaps because one can never have enough.

German Horse Muffins as special loading treats for Milton. Rodney doesn’t see the appeal.

Bell boots to protect Rodney’s heel. Figured squishy neoprene would be better padding that the harder plastic of regular bell boots.

Bought Cob rather than Full size for my 17-hand horse, because the industry standard is no longer Thoroughbred. Grumble. Grumble. [Get Off My Lawn, And Take Your Warmblood With You]

No deals with store or products. A simple loot reveal post.


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  1. As an eventer, I cannot agree enough that helmets should be bought for the colors. Mine is glittery silver, but I want to get a custom cover with my XC colors, because that would absolutely make me smile.

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