The Driverless Cart

The Horse Life

Awareness of the outside world. The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. Bible Gateway: Palm 23:1, King James Version.


Miriam DeShazo Reagan

1943 – 2022

Coach Courtney’s mother passed away recently. The Celebration of Life was held at Stepping Stone Farm.

It’s funny what gets to you.

The Set-Up

The barn dressed up with potted mums, rows of white chairs, and lacy tablecloths on the picnic tables. Pretty.

Family photos through the years. Sweet.

Miriam liked driving, so they staged an empty cart, complete with gloves and hat. DOD: The Riderless Horse. Sniffle.

The Service

Reading of the 23rd Psalm. Nice.

Testimony from family and friends. Touching.

The kids got on their horses for a celebration ride. Reagan, Miriam’s granddaughter, drove the cart. I’m done. Pull out the tissue.


2 thoughts on “The Driverless Cart

  1. Funny but not a surprise.

    Your grandmother, my mother, was a very private person. She had requested that, after her death, there would be no services, no words spoken at her grave. We honored her request. Ashes in the ground, period. Next to Dad’s ashes. His service had been at a funeral home, very few people in attendance. The family (Mom, my brother and I) sat in a separate room, viewing the short service through a louvered wall. It was in a retirement community and that was their tradition.

    Two months after Mom’s death, my husband’s former wife died. While I knew her from family gatherings and we had lunched together, she was a friend but not a close friend nor had I known her long. Her Catholic funeral was traditional. The family (my husband, their three daughters and myself) were driven to the church in a procession of long black cars. We were escorted into the church after everyone else was seated. I made it halfway down the aisle before the tears started. I cried during the entire service. People may have wondered at my tears but I knew they were for Mom.

    Catharsis. There are some stress chemicals which can only be released in tears. So i look at a good cry as a healthy cleansing. The human body is fascinating.

    The service did sound lovely. Thanks for sharing.

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