Rodney Update


Awareness of the outside world. Planning on getting my second booster this week. Was waiting until autumn, then waiting on bivalent. Doc at physical felt this was a reasonable strategy.

Update. For the record. Done. Wednesday 28 October September. CVS.


Between lesson horses and Milton’s driving, I haven’t posted much about Rodney. Last mention was the sprung shoe two weeks ago. [My ASB Week In Photos, Sept 14]

What has our hero been up to?

He’s fine. Living the life. Packing in the calories to get ready for winter.

I’ll ride for a few days. Then take a few days off. Standard reasons: weather, logistics, shoeing, Rodney being a complete and utter drama llama.

Currently he has reinjured the heel from last month. Nothing obviously wrong. Things take longer to heal that one wants and are prone reinjury during that time. [Final Foot Follow-up, We Can Only Hope, At Least This Time Around, by the way, HA!]

I use the term reinjured loosely. As per usual, he is juuust unsound enough at the trot to be on the bench. No visible distress at the walk or stand.

It’s a gift.


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