My ASB Week In Photos


Awareness of the outside world. Equine Ink: The World Mourns Queen Elizabeth. Photo retrospective of Queen with her horses.



Bubba with show bridle. We had sun for a change. Phone camera sensor couldn’t cope.

Plus. Getting better at managing four reins. [Seeing Double Again]

Minus. So busy thinking about managing four reins that I completely forgot the discoveries from previous week’s lesson. [Errant Body Parts]


Set up two lessons in one week for giggles. Nope. Let’s hang around the house waiting for the blacksmith instead. Caption, since I’m 1 for 3 on people being able to interpret the photo, Rodney sprung a shoe. Removed. Hammered. Renailed. NBD.



Tried for a selfie to match last time. [Red Queen Reprise]

It did not go well.


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