Milton Makes A Milestone, Again


Awareness of the outside world. NBC: How to find your polio vaccination records, Bendix, Aug. 16, 2022. Truth in advertising. I lived in two states during the recommended vaccination period. Both had online portals. I could not find any record of myself in either state. One said, “most of the records in the (registry) are for people born in (place) after 1995”. That is so not me. I am almost certain I had mine. Was checking for the sake of completeness.


Milton hitched!

First time back in harness in almost three years!

Driver in the cart on the second training session!

I was not as sanguine, but Greg knows his horse. We proceeded carefully through each step, giving Milton a chance to remember. Barn opinion is that Milton wants driving to be his job and is working hard to keep the marbles on the table.

Photos from warm-up. Lungeing on a beautiful sunny day at Stepping Stone Farm.


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