Seeing Double Again, ASB Lesson


Awareness of the outside world. National Geographic: Beloved Chincoteague ponies’ mythical origins may be real, Tamisiea, July 27, 2022. Have not read. Need to leave email to finish reading. I was feeling ornery.


Bubba at Stepping Stone Farm last week. Re-engaging with the double show bridle. Re-gulp.

As I said before, I’m used to hearing about this moment as a major milestone. “In dressage, graduating to a double bridle is a big deal. It is a point of endless discussion, mostly about the dangers and about criticism of folks who have done so without proper skills.” [Different Versions]

Right away, I got the overwhelming feeling that Bubba prefers the show bridle.

Bubba likes clarity. If I sit way back in the saddle and keep my shoulders up, Bubba will canter from a thought. If I slide forward or tip my shoulders even slightly downward, it’s as if I am suddenly speaking another language. [Day 1]

You’d think he could infer from context. We trotted. We walked. What could possibly be next? I may think it’s obvious. but my opinion isn’t the one moving the legs.

So, two bits give a wider range and therefore a better chance to be clear in one’s commands the conversation.

Most importantly, Bubba is forgiving. If I do it right, he will do it right. If I do it wrong, he won’t pitch a hissy. A sterling quality in a horse when one is learning.

I realize this differs from what I said after an earlier lesson. [Return]

Work in progress.

Bubba and I are still figuring out what our story is together. [The Power of Narrative]


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  1. “We are all a work in progress.” Yea, verily, but I could also use a few along-the-way, achievement celebration points about now.


    When using a double, I am super dependent on the horse being understanding.

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