Feets Update


Awareness of the outside world. The Guardian: Regular physical activity may lessen Covid risks, study finds, Gregory, 22 Aug 2022.


A third post on horse hooves in one week? Welcome to my world. All feet all the time.

Milton has new shoes. Rain held off. Barefoot hoof wall held up. He’s good now … as long as we remember to give him some love. [What About Meeeee?]

Rodney has new shoes! Had to be done. He was overdue and his thin Thoroughbred feet do not take a joke. Blacksmith was careful to work around the sore heel. Rodney tolerated the hammering. He was quite happy with the stream of cookie bribes.

Blacksmith posited that there was still a foreign body in the foot, perhaps part of a stick, a tiny rock, even a stiff piece of hay. We never saw an entry wound or any blood from same, but it would explain why his foot keeps improving but never completely gets better. [Rodney’s Foot Saga Continues]

His heel doesn’t heal. I crack myself up.


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