Let The Deferalizing Begin

Horsekeeping Prior to Riding

Awareness of the outside world. Vox: Anyone can fall for online scams — even you. Here’s how to avoid them, Morrison, Jun 29, 2022.


In which we reintroduce the concept of work to the horses.

Brushes located.

Tack dusted off.

The above applied in requisite order.

Milton lunged.

Rodney walked from mounting block to ring. Played couch while Milton trotted a handful of circles.

Gold stars all around.

May this be the beginning of a fruitful autumn.


In related news, how can a month with two horses shows suck so much pond water?


Saturday 6 August, horse show. The excitement of tiny proto-jumps only lasts so long. [Doctor Whooves Plays In The Pony Ring]
Sunday, easy recovery ride.
Monday, becomes obvious that we are in dog hospice mode. [Celebrate Dogs]
Tuesday, Rodney’s leg blows up. [It’s Always Something]

Sunday 14 August, ASB horse show. Distraction not working as well as it used to. [Red Queen Reprise]

Meanwhile back at the ranch, cue three week sabbatical.
[Rodney’s Foot Saga Continues]
[What About Meeeee? Milton Update]
[Feets Update]
[Taking a Splinter to the ER, Rodney Visits the Vet]

Sunday 28 August, deferalization.

I know one is not suppose to wish one’s life away, but Come on, September! [The Illustrated Month, August]


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