It’s Always Something, Rodney’s Latest Drama


Awareness of the outside world. “I still wear a mask in public indoor spaces. If I forget a mask and the store isn’t busy, I don’t turn around. If it’s Costco on a Saturday, though, I turn around and grab my mask … we are in a very strange phase of the pandemic: somewhere between endemic and a full blown emergency. If you’re confused on what to do, know that we are all confused and just trying to do our best. Give yourself and others grace through this time.” YLE: A reaction to the CDC guidance, 12 August 2022.


One morning early last week.

Feed hay. All fine.

One hour later. Return with grain. Rodney’s left front leg is a swollen to the knee and he is non-weight-bearing.

Normal response: Alarm! Concern! Vet!

My response: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whadja do to yourself now?

Lest you think me completely heartless. Although he was moving extremely awkwardly, he was ears up & eyes bright. Rodney is not a stoic horse. If he says it’s no big deal, then it’s NBD.

Sudden response to a bug bite?

Career-ending tendon injury?


Cue soaking foot for possible abscess and icing leg for swelling.

Photo from Saturday. Switched from soaking to Epsom salt poultices. There is only some much time I want his foot sitting in water. You can see swelling around the fetlock.

As of Sunday afternoon, diagnosis almost certainly an abscess in the back of the foot. Still swollen, but much better. Still lame but much better.

Since the area of concern is in the fleshy part of the hoof, opening it would require vet with sharp implement, rather than blacksmith with hoof knife. He’s had enough improvement that we want to give nature a bit more time to resolve on its own rather than going after it.

So we wait.

Overly dramatic response to a standard equine injury? Very on brand.


8 thoughts on “It’s Always Something, Rodney’s Latest Drama

  1. Foot injuries are awful. Poor Rodney! I have one foot healing from injury myself and no idea how I did it.

    On another note: My daughter-in-law sets lighting systems. The other day she went to a work on a warehouse and discovered that not only did the manager of that project have active, symptomatic Covid, but he was there on site. She turned right around, went back to her car, and talked to her own company. “I’m not working here.”

  2. Much appreciate the first link about this weird pandemic limbo we’re in. Hope recovery continues with minimal drama for mr. rodney!

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