Rodney’s Foot Saga Continues


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Two weeks ago, Rodney developed what we are 99% sure is an abscess in the back of his hoof. [It’s Always Something, Rodney’s Latest Drama]

Fortunately, he went from three-legged lame to mildly off.

Unfortunately, he spent last week not getting better, not getting worse.

Barring sudden resolution to the issue, Rodney will be visiting the vet on Tuesday (tomorrow), so that the vet can tell us it is an abscess and poke it with a sharp stick, medically speaking. Given the fluids involved in opening an abscess, we figure it’s better to be at a nice clean clinic with all the handy equipment.

I am predicting a recovery period that is labor-intensive and messy, but not dire. I am not at all worried that this a career-ending injury or an exotic, tendon-rotting disease that falsely presents an abscess. The thoughts never crossed my mind. I am far too calm and level-headed for such nonsense. What counts as a career-ending injury in a 23-year-old pasture ornament anyway?

Or the vet could say, ‘It’s minor. He’ll be fine. Here’s your bill.’ Which would be annoying but a good outcome.

In other news, has anyone else noticed that when you have time, you don’t have energy? This would be a great opportunity to clear out the barn or clean up the house, to repair this or replace that. Instead, I spent the last week revisiting Lawrence Block’s Burglar oeuvre.

Have I mentioned recently how much I hate August? [The Illustrated Month]


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  1. The phrase, “It’s only an abscess,” is always such a relief. I hope that’s what’s plaguing Rodney. Freedom was the king of abscesses. He’d be three-legged lame and I’d pop a boot on him packed with Magic Cushion or one of those Animalintex pads.

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