Great Lakes Graphic


Awareness of the outside world. NWF: Protecting the Great Lakes, Alliance for the Great Lakes, USDA: Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, & many more.


Process notes. The intention was five lakes with the indents resembling promontories. What came out was blobs within blobs. So, I fell back on geometrics.


Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior

Superior bc it is, given a stereotypical northern map orientation.

Huron is at the Heart of the lakes

Michigan & Erie are on either side of the MittEn.

Erie falls into a big hOOOOle.

CNBC: That acronym doesn’t work for me, Hellman, 2013


Field Notes: Great Lakes. Using what comes in the house as a creative starting point. [Signs of Summer]

Water Flow

“The lakes drain roughly from west to east, emptying into the Atlantic Ocean through the St. Lawrence lowlands. Except for Lakes Michigan and Huron, which are hydrologically one lake, their altitudes drop with each lake, usually causing a progressively increasing rate of flow.” Britannica: Great Lakes, Physiography of Great Lakes

South to Canada

SAS: So, 27 US states are farther north than Canada, eh?, Allison, 2017

‘The southernmost point of Canada is in Lake Erie on a now-uninhabited island called Middle Island, which is part of Pelee Township, which is part of the province of Ontario (which should not be confused with the nearby Middle Bass Island, which is part of Ohio). Although always a part of Canada, Middle Island was until 2000 owned by an Ohio car dealer who bought it as a pleasure island for his family.  After his death his heirs sold it by outcry auction.  A non-profit agency called The Canadian Nature Conservancy, which had publicly raised funds for the purpose, bought it for roughly U$867,000 and then deeded it to Canada.” BarelyBad: Map of U.S. States North of Canada


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