ASB Weekend Day 2, Red Queen Reprise, Show Report, SSF Summer Show 2022


Awareness of the outside world. Show benefited Bikes 4 Kids.


ASHAA Summer Fun Show II
Stepping Stone Farm
Chelsea AL, USA
Sunday 14 August 2022

Emeralds Brown Sugar (Bubba)
26 Academy Showmanship WTC-Adult Amateur, 2nd of 3
27 Academy Equitation WTC-Adult Amateur, 2nd of 3

Thank you to the Walters family for ebullient EBS.

When I arrived at the barn, the young lady who owns Bubba asked me to bring over my saddle so she could tack up. It’s always weird to me when someone else gets my horse ready. I pondered. I decided I could live with it.

The best is having my own horse and doing my own work. There are advantages to riding someone else’s horse and having someone else doing all the work. The hardest is being the guest and having to mesh with another person’s process.

Got all four canter transitions. Yay. Unfortunately, Bubba slipped me a canter break in the second direction of the first class. In the next class, there might have been some growling when we reached the same spot. We kept the canter.

In the first class, I did my impromptu transition to trot. Another rider had an even worse time with the canter. The third rider made no mistakes. So, we made it easy for the judge. Who screwed up least.

In the second class, I thought I aced it. We were turning and burning with style. Or so I thought. Alas, no. Dunno what went wrong. Maybe I couldn’t make it happen, but by now I should at least understand what is needful. Alas, no. The finer points of saddle seat continue to elude me.

Real talk. While I was stressing before the show, I had another bout of I Don’t Want To Be Here. [Grinding My Gears]

Grateful. Opportunities. Blessed. Sure. Sure. Sure. Fact is, I would rather be so busy jumping and eventing and riding my own horses that I didn’t have time for this. Instead I am dealing with a drama king and a horse who doesn’t want me near him. [It’s Always Something Rodney’s Latest Drama, Milton and I Hit a New Low]

I wish this was what I wanted as my main equestrian activity. I really, really do. [Saddle Seat I Wish I Could Love You, Why Not Rack Off Into The Sunset]

Despite my moods, the people at the barn were universally welcoming and Bubba was a star. As diversions go, it’s a fine one.

Doin’ the Barn Cat Snooze.


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