Milton and I Hit a New Low


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Milton’s doing fine. He’s taken well to being a husband horse. They are on their third Virtual Tevis. When Rodney took a week off to decide if he liked the style of his new shoes, they did ring work. They seem to get along.

Milton & me, not so much.

We are not even talking about riding. Stopped that a while back. [Milton Is Getting A Break]

Milton has a rigid memory even for a horse. [New Equipment, Fly Masks]

He’s still traumatized by encountering me in full show mode … Egad! Who dropped a ferret down my pants? [Would You Rather]

This is just me being in his space. I alarm him.

“Booooossss, she’s touching me!” [When Milton Adores Me]

Mostly we ignore each other.

Our previous low point. I picked his feet. Halfway through, he panicked and ran off.

Our new low point. A few days ago, I walked into the barn. Milton panicked and ran off.

What is the opposite of a horse whisperer? A horse shouter?


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