Celebrate Dogs, Cheer Me Up


Awareness of the outside world. Lane Park: BISS Am.Gr.Ch. Lake Park Ethan, highest placing Basset Hound at Westminster Kennel Club 2022. WRC: results, click on name for presentation photo.


[Foto Friday: Dash]

First The Sad Part

For the first time since 1988, we are a dogless household. Dash, aka Tidbit, our Basset Hound, passed away last week. The passing of Lady, our German Shepherd, was part of the pet overwhelm a while back. [Where Did They Go? Pet Update]

Then The Happy Part

I’ve always thought a celebration of life made more sense than being gloomy. I’m not in a story telling place at the moment. Instead, tell me something cute your dog has done recently.

First Day

[Spotted in Boston]


7 thoughts on “Celebrate Dogs, Cheer Me Up

  1. I am sorry for your loss.
    I am currently dog-less and will probably remain so because I don’t want another heartbreak like that, but I do get to dog-sit for The Kid. That furry companion is a chocolate Lab who is either sleeping, eating or doing zoomies around the garden. She hasn’t done anything particularly cute recently, but that’s because she’s cute all the time 🙂
    I hope your memories of Dash are all joyful ones.

  2. I remember the First Day well. I was there.

    Katherine had married into a Basset Hound family so when a puppy was required, her Mother-in-law (P), was part of the process. After much research, a Bassett Hound puppy was acquired. We needed only to pick him up which was a bit of a problem: K, P, the dog and I all lived in different states. I used to tell K when she was little and we had a problem to solve, that “we’re having an adventure!” So we had one.

    K flew up to Boston, I traveled by car and we met at P’s home nearby. The next day, we drove to Pennsylvania and met the puppy, his mother and the rest of his family. That night, we had a fun “just us girls” night, a wonderful dinner and a good rest.

    The next day, we scooped him up, a tiny bundle of warm fur and happiness, and headed back to Boston. We took turns driving and holding him, third besotted woman gazing at him adoringly. Stops for puppy relief breaks were highlights. He was so small and eager to explore every smell, it was as if his tiny body couldn’t contain all his energy.

    We pondered about his name. At that point, it was “ a bunch of numbers-two more numbers” so we named him “-“ or Dash. He didn’t seem to mind. Tidbit makes more sense. He was so small.

    Back in Boston, Dash met his cousins, P’s three Basset Hounds. Maybe it was only two but it felt like three. They had the run of the house and were very welcoming. Dash was a bit overwhelmed but remained friendly.

    The next day, we all dispersed. K and Dash flew to his new home. He traveled in a mesh bag under the seat in front of K during takeoff but spent the flight on her lap, still in his required carrier but safe and secure in her lap. There is nothing like the bonding of two new life-long friends.

    I returned to mine. P snuggled down in hers, happy to be reunited with her Basset Hound family.

    It was quite an adventure, at least as I remember it.

    As I will remember Dash. I’m not a dog person, more of a cat person, but he stole my heart that day. May he Rest In Peace.🌈

  3. I am sorry.
    Eowyn, at almost 13 years old, has resumed a gesture usually seen in puppies. She’ll be on the chair waiting to sneak some of my food, and she’ll stand on her hind legs and sort of “clap” her front paws together, and if she hits the arm of the chair on the way down, well, she’ll just bounce up and down on it. Her tiny stature (7 pounds) just adds to the adorableness.
    Eowyn’s going to be my last dog, service or otherwise.

  4. My heart hurts for you.

    Today after a rehab session, while XO was being worked on, Quiver was lying down but his body very upright. He couldn’t keep his eyes open. The rehab vet and I laughed a lot about it. Quiver would open his eyes to see what we were peaking at or laughing at but then would fall asleep ‘sitting up’ sort of. If I could attach pictures in the reply, I’d share.

    The other day Kinship (the youngest at 9 months) was playing with a ‘destuffed’ toy and got his foot caught in part of it. He was dancing around the kitchen 3 legged with the toy in his mouth and his foot in the toy. He wasn’t in any distress, just kept playing while I chuckled. I wasn’t near my phone so couldn’t video; I enjoyed it in the moment.

    I find them endlessly entertaining. Sure they can be lots of other things too, but there is a lot to smile and laugh about. They certainly help remind me to enjoy and live in the moment.

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