Signs That You Have Gotten Used To Having A Dog Around

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[Lady] 2013

When have been dogless since the middle of last month. [Celebrate Dogs]

It’s been weird.

For the first few days, I would do a quick pass through house looking to count noses. I don’t do that anymore, but other things keep tripping me up.

I can feed the cats on the floor.

I don’t have to leap out of the truck as soon as I get home in order to let the dog(s) out.

Standing in pet store. Think to self, ‘I need to text husband to see if we need dog food.’ No, I don’t.

On the weekends, getting ready to run errands, wondering if this is a good trip for the dog(s) to come along.

It’s not that I’m sad, so much as I keep acting as if we have a dog.

I’m not even the dog person in the household.

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Update. Title change. Old title, Signs That It Is Time To Get A Dog. My friend and dog advisor, Amy V., pointed out that having the habits doesn’t equal being ready for a new dog. She was right. That is a different discussion. Since the title was not a good match for the content, I changed it. [Amy’s post archive]


3 thoughts on “Signs That You Have Gotten Used To Having A Dog Around

  1. We are petless for the first time ever. For most of our marriage we had 5-6 Afghan Hounds, then just one, then another Saluki and the old cat died and the homeless cat arrived—”I hear there is a vacancy”— and then we were both retired and then they died and we could go anywhere and do anything, but covid.

  2. I parsed that sentence to mean 5-6 dogs at once, in contrast to just one. That’s a pack!

    ”I hear there is a vacancy” I swear we have a sign at the bottom of our driveway with an arrow.

    1. Yes, always 5-6 dogs at one time. When we were down to one it was just sad. They were good dogs and got along very well. There was always an alpha bitch and also a “designated barker” who took on responsibility for guarding our home and the neighbors’.

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