Barn Dogs

Work: AM heat therapy/EVE brief dust-off during blanket swap.
Report: Too cold to stay outside for anything else. I’ve become such a weather weenie, you’d never guess I went to school in New Hampshire.

Ramblings: I am a cat person. It is only with great restraint that I do not tip over into Crazy Cat Lady. My morning feeding routine used to include time with my fluffy wannabe* barn cat Arthur. He would sit on my lap to engage in mutual contemplation of his vast wonderfulness. Even more than most cats, Arthur lives in an Arthur-shaped universe. This would last until Rodney came over. (Mostly he wants to go eat the mare’s food. But as long as he’s waiting, I can make with the skratchies.) This chased the cat off. Apparently an extreme size differential skews the predator/prey equation.

I am not a dog person. Although Greg did not come with dog, he came advertised as a card-carrying dog person. So, I have been living with 1 to 3 dogs since the early 90s. His newest dog has decided that I am the source of all joy and light. She must be near me. This includes sitting in my lap when stressed, which is quite a trick for a 75lb German Shepherd. She is sitting under my desk, at my feet, doing the loyal dog thing as I type this. Where I go, she goes, including the barn. In addition, our seriously senior Lab-cross has decided that if this interloper is going to be a barn dog, he must now be one as well, and wobbles out to the barn with us. So, every time I go outside, the cat lover is surrounded by a dog pack. The cats head for the high ground. Sigh.

*Arthur’s barn-catness is weather dependent. A true B.C. has to be forcibly hauled inside during bad weather.

Who are your barn dogs?

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  1. Ah, Psycho-mutt. *pause for quiet contemplative moment* There are times when I miss her. Few and far between, but her time on earth is etched into my life story.

  2. Great! What’s said in the barn, stays in the barn (coz horse’s carry tales)… šŸ™‚ …lovely dogs, great site!

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