Doctor Whooves Plays In The Pony Ring, Show Report, Lachlan Farm Hunter Show 2022


Awareness of the outside world. Smithsonian: Against All Odds, England’s Massive Chalk Horse Has Survived 3,000 Years, Cleaver, 2017. English Heritage: Uffington Castle – White Horse and Dragon Hill.


Lachlan Farm Hunter Show
Rolling Hills
Sterrett AL, USA
Saturday 6 August 2022

Academy Walk Trot Equitation over poles I – 3rd of 3.
Academy Walk Trot Equitation over poles II – 3rd of 3.
Academy Crossrails Equitation I – 3rd of 3(?).
Academy Crossrails Equitation II – 4th of 5(?).

Featuring Rodney & the old lady with an assortment of ponies & young riders in various flavors of adorable cuteness.

I was expecting someone to think we were too bigtime to show in a crossrails class. I did not expect this attitude to come from my horse.

Warm-up. Ring was empty, so we could do as much walking and trotting as we cared to. By the end of warm-up, he was still overjumping, but calmly. Also the ring was covered, so one of the better places on the grounds to hang out.

First class. Due to the way the show was running, they held crossrails before poles. Which defeated the purpose of starting low and building up. Oh well, in we went. Took all fences with minimum effort. Squad goals!

Second class:

Rodney: Why are we here? I should be doing fancy classes.
Me: I don’t disagree. However, we are starting here.
Rodney: Piffle

The only word for the subsequent performance was … brat. No anxiety, which is great. He has to learn that the true professionals are the ones who don’t feel the need to show off. He’s still spiking the football. [The Many Faces of Rodney Over Fences]

Almost flat class. Offered to be an extra in the walk-trot flat class so that it could be split so that a pony could be shared. I explained to Rodney that it was the same situation as a jumper doing the four-foot Confirmation Hunter to fill out the class as a favor to a friend. He was cool with it. Once the heads were counted, our presence was not needed.

Poles classes. We were there. We had paid. Might as well. Every class was a chance to practice going in the ring.

No media. Jumps low and of little visual interest. Classes at end of schedule, therefore lots of waiting, therefore everyone ready to go home once we were done.


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