At The Horses’ Annual Check-Up, The Check-Up Is The Easiest Part


Awareness of the outside world. A thorough recap of the 2022 IRL Tevis, both the good & the bad. Equine Ink: Tevis 2022 Results.


We Are The Woe (with apologies to Queen)

We are the woe-ful.
We are the woe-ful.
No time for woork-ing,
‘Cause we are the champions of the wwwoooeee.

Time for for annual check up & shots. Once again, took the horses to the clinic instead of having the vet come to us. Amazing how quickly a clinic visit goes compared to a barn visit. [Rodney & Milton Visit the Vet, Annual Check-up Version, 2021]

This year, the response was less woe and more stiff neck, please serve my hay in a haynet. The woe didn’t look all that different from daily napping, with less grazing. [Woe Is Us, Seriously Look At Us, We Are The Very Image of Woefulness, We Radiate Woe In Waves 2020]

Last year, Milton nope-ed right on out of it. Too much flashback to his surgery. [Visit the Vet]

This year was Rodney’s turn. They were running late, so they offered us stall to get the horses out of the sun. Sounded reasonable. Except being put in a strange stall taps into Rodney’s fear of abandonment. He thinks he’s going to be left there. [My Horses Are Weird, Separation Anxiety Version]

He was much happier afterward, once he got back to his trailer. Much like the clinic trip. “Apparently, they are more comfortable standing being tied to their trailer than moving around in a strange stall.” [Rodney & Milton’s Excellent Overnight Adventure]

Due to the high level of activity at the clinic, we ended up being seen on the concrete apron outside. Milton approved.

Note to self. Next year, have the exam on the porch, for Milton, and let them stand tied to the trailer, for Rodney.


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