Cheering The Championships, Another Couch Potato Weekend, ASB & Vaulting

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Awareness of the outside world. The Hoof Blog: Farriers at the Herning 2022 FEI World Championships: Who was minding the forge? Saturday, August 27, 2022


No lesson last week, barn at Louisville.

[The Illustrated Month, August]

SSF entry picks up a ribbon. You can see Coach Courtney’s smile from here.

Helmet Watch

By my count, five helmets out of 18 in class 26 Hunter Country Pleasure. The rest wore huntcaps.

Helmets placed 2nd, 3rd, & 5th. So, no obvious helmet prejudice. OTOH, less visible difference between helmet (with harness) and huntcap (same shape, no harness) than between helmet and bowler/top hat (traditional ASB wear), or helmet and no hat.

In these classes, there is always one rider who looks to me that they do non-ASB activities on the regular. That pair never places well. When I’m feeling curmudgeonly, I fuss that a real-time jumping horse should do well in HCP. When I’m feeling reasonable, I recognize that it is a matter of different criteria. HCP is more about ASB Country Pleasure while wearing hunter tack than about being an AHSA hunter. Yeah, I know, I still think of it as the AHSA.

Everyone in Junior Roadster had a helmet, which I suspect is a requirement.

Two of seven in Amateur Roadster Under Saddle, but they looked like juniors. Juniors riding in amateur classes? Adults who just look young to me?

Mask Watch

One on gatekeeper.

Diversity watch

A few more Black and Asian faces sprinkled among the riders. Saddle seat always has more boys than hunt seat does. A few stout physiques. However, the overall paradigm remains thin, white, and female, at least among the kids and amateurs.


Also watched the USEF/AVA Vaulting National Championship on USEF Network.

Vaulting victory gallop. After the ribbon presentation, the lunger & horse walk off quietly while the vaulters, on foot, run around the ring.


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  1. Watching excellence is always a wonder.
    We saw Rory win the PGA Cup this Sunday and Monday, Serena was honored at Forest Hills.
    It’s fascinating what a human can do.
    In the case of Louisville, what a horse and rider can do.

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