Final Foot Follow-up, We Can Only Hope, At Least This Time Around


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When we took Rodney to the vet to look at his lingering foot issues, the vet said best case was rest in a clean, dry stall, looking at 10 days to two weeks. [Taking a Splinter to the ER, Feets Update]

Since the stall would be good for his feet but horrible for his legs and mind, that wasn’t gonna happen. At least, not 24/7. So three weeks recovery, at best?

Rodney comes home and immediately starts to get better. From day one he has always been making progress, albeit slowly. Now the slope spiked dramatically upward. A small area at the back of the heel is was still sore to the touch, and will be for a while on Friday. The rest of the foot is fine. The leg swelling and heat have disappeared. By Sunday, we could press on the heel. Yeah, he got better that fast.


Perception bias. Now that the medical expert has said it is minor, we are more relaxed. We see progress where before we had been worried about deeper injury.

Timing. If we had waited a few more days we could have skipped the vet entirely.

Therapy. The trailer ride itself was therapeutic? An ersatz vibration plate? I’m making this up, but stranger things have happened.

That’s all fine and logical.

I swear this is how it feels …

Rodney: Vet has been summoned. Proper attention has been paid. Doc says I will be okay. I get better now.


3 thoughts on “Final Foot Follow-up, We Can Only Hope, At Least This Time Around

  1. I think your take on it is right. The mind body connection is real.. Especially for special snowflakes.

    Our family had a tradition about illness: when you got sick, you went to the doctor, got a prescription, filled the prescription and went home. You got better. Usually, you did not need to take the prescription. Just the act of getting it would do.

    Rodney is smart in his own way.

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