Weekend Update, Carts & Careers

Riding & Driving

Awareness of the outside horse world. The Instagram algorithm put up a schooling video of a UK rider whose name I did not recognize. This is not a surprise, as I have no idea who is hot anymore. I started following her because she wasn’t making the jumping mistakes I had been whining about, “BEND the knee. STRAIGHT line from hand to bit. Why is your horse’s nose BEHIND THE VERTICAL over a fence!?!? [Thoughts]

She just won Burghley. [Instagram: @piggy.march, April 27]

I may be riding in the kiddie pool, but I can tackbox quarterback with the best of them.


Our Own Personal Parade

Two trips to get Milton and cart over to Stepping Stone Farm for schooling. Driving is awesome. The logistic are daunting.

Proto-hitching: Achievement unlocked! Milton wore full harness while being led around pulling cart while I acted as breakaway switch. Himself started to remember and afterward was very proud of himself.

Living The Life

Rodney: (thinks is his current program of gentle work is a retirement that befits a fancy horse.)

Me: You have to have the fancy career first.

Rodney: (shrugs)


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