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Awareness of the outside world. Washington Post: How we expunged a racist, sexist slur from hundreds of public lands, Deb Haaland, September 28, 2022. Appears many other places if WaPo has put it behind a paywall.


Rode Rodney for the first time in multiple weeks. [Tennessee Travels]

Hey. Speaking of the home team, have I mentioned lately how much fun it is to be doing the work to take care of two horses at home & still have to go somewhere and pay someone in order to ride a horse?

For example, I rode several horses before riding my own horse with my new helmet, above.

But I digress.

Milton. Tried double sessions on Saturday to help with fitness. Logistics were fine. More of a workout for horse than currently required, as much mentally as physically. Probably don’t need to do doubles unless/until he is headed for an activity that requires significantly increased endurance.

Rodney was introduced to ground-driven walks. Put on driving saddle (think lunging surcingle) with long lines. Asked him to walk to the corner, which he has done hundreds of times. Confusion reigned.

Rodney: I am wearing circle gear. I must circle.
Walker/driver: Go straight.
Rodney: Must. Circle.

I tell you, his long legs are hard to keep up with when he gets to marching.

Took me several attempts to frame a photo while holding the phone behind my head. Rodney wanted to know what I was up to back there.


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