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Awareness of the outside world. NASA: NASA Confirms DART Mission Impact Changed Asteroid’s Motion in Space, Oct 11, 2022.


This intent was for this to be a study of lunar photography with my big camera.


During the three days of the full moon, we were busy with horse things, 2 or 3 times each day. Worked both horses, then double session with Milton, or a lesson at SLEC. This is excellent. This also means that by moonrise it was bedtime and my learning curve was flat.

I’ll have another chance next month.


I am trying to avoid posting about what I am not doing. [Thoughts]

So, here are a few items.

Big camera. In researching lunar photography, I found out that digital cameras have a base ISO. I had no idea. Makes sense. If a variable has a range, it can have parts of the range that work better than others. For my camera, 100 ISO is the happy place.

The whole idea of ISO being adjustable is still odd to us film dinosaurs.

Phone camera. A few days ago, I posted a photo showing the pretty blue sky, below. Snapped with phone. In the close-up, above, you can see the moon. From a phone camera. That’s how good they have gotten. That’s why the big cameras gather dust.

If you want speed, or low light, or artistic technique, you need the gear.

If you are a professional, you absolutely need to have and know how to use the gear.

If you are cataloging the passing moment – or making blog posts – phones are fine.

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  1. I have a tiny point-and-shoot digital, I’d like to get a better one if finances ever permit. Don’t have a phone. I love my old big camera, I used to lug it around all over the place. I think I was pretty good. I do like the “artsy” stuff I can do with it, but absolutely nothing I would care to lug around on a regular basis! I think the pix I took of you came out pretty well. I enjoy looking at them.

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