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Awareness of the outside world. Medical Care Alone Won’t Halt the Spread of Diabetes, Scientists Say, Rabin, Oct. 5, 2022. Hat tip to dr.berthahidalgo.


The weather in my corner of the world has been gorgeous. Cool nights. Warm days. Blue skies. If Heaven has weather, this is it.

I was reluctant to say anything. I didn’t want to jinx it. However, I decided to give balance to the time I spend being annoyed by rainy days, muddy days, cold days, hot days, and so on.

Which leads to the question, why do we only worry about jinxing the good? We don’t think bad things will go away if we talk about them. Although, we often don’t give voice to truly bad things.


I wanted to acknowledge something good. I will enjoy it as long as it lasts.


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  1. Love this!
    In a similar vein, when worrying about something in the future, I think you should always admit the possibility that the outcome is just as likely to be good as it is to be bad (because it will usually end up being something you didn’t foresee at all!)

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