The Illustrated Month, October


Awareness of the outside world. Helga Stenzel: Clothing Line Animals Series.



O – Gregorian Calendar adopted. October 4, 1582 became …

C – … 15 October, 1582. timeanddate: Gregorian Calendar Reform: Why Are Some Dates Missing? Bikos and Kher.

“However, most historians now believe that these protests never happened. You could say that the calendar rioters were the late Georgian equivalent of an urban myth.” Historic UK: Give Us Our Eleven Days, Johnson.

I still wonder what happened if you got paid by the day and your rent was due for one month.

Also, 11 days instead of 10 days in the link title above because as countries adopted later more time had to be subtracted. timeanddate: Gregorian Calendar Reform

T – Holiday

O – Hunter’s Moon, timeanddate: Full Moon Names. Full moon on 9 October. Photo courtesy of Dial-A-Moon, NASA: Moon Phase

B – Octo = 8

E – Holiday reversed

R – Birthstone

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