The Non-Illustrated Month, November


Art of the outside world. MOMA: Lettering Magritte, Dowek, 2013.




The plan was to do similarly themed letters for all the -ember months. But, as with September, I liked the graphic by itself. Here is the legend for the non-existent illustrations, and two that I liked enough to include.

N – A Bitter November, short fiction by John Scalzi.

O – The 23rd is Fibonacci Day: 1, 1, 2, 3. But not in Europe where the date is 23/11.

V – Election results: Senate/House, Presidency, Supreme Court, as of Friday 11 Nov.

E – Holiday colors for Thanksgiving

M – November’s full moon is the Beaver Moon. [timeanddate: Full Moon Names.]

B – Nov = 9

E – Holiday in reverse colors

R – Birthstones are topaz & citrine

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