New Feed, Wellness Senior Mix


Awareness of the outside world. I have not been able to find out how the Seminole Tribe of Florida feels about the brand usage. I assume not thrilled? OTOH, there could be a historic association I am not aware of. Anyone?


Seminole Feed, Wellness Senior Mix(R)

Silver Lining uses Seminole feed. We thought we’d give it a try. Previous feed was okay but not thrilling. We are having trouble settling on a good fit for Rodney.

A new feed involves readjusting the meal size, particularly for a horse who is sensitive to being overfed. So far, Rodney likes the feed. It smells wonderful, and – most importantly – he may have put on an ounce or two of weight.

We considered switching Milton to the easy keeper version in the Wellness line. Nope. Our feed store does not carry that particular bag. I did not want to get back into criss-crossing the county hunting for zebras. I’ll do it if I have to. Not worth it for a horse who does well on most feeds. [Milton’s Meals & The Feed Quest Becomes an Exercise in Perception]

Another point in their favor. “Seminole Feed® is one of the few companies today that manufactures fixed-formula horse feeds.” About. We’ve now had two brands that radically altered their feed for winter. [Feed Adventures]


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