Two At A Time, SSF lessons


.Awareness of the outside world. I wonder what it’s like having a species named after you. “We hoped that by naming this significant species after Jun that it would in some way recognize his contributions to Alabama paleontology.” Alabama researchers discover ‘gigantic’ 83 million-year-old turtle species, Pillion, Aug. 19, 2022.


Bubba and Peaches at Stepping Stone Farm last week.

Why two?

Has to do with lessons at Silver Lining. [Fanfare, Freddie]

New barn. New Teachers. New horses. Long drive. Right now I am going with my Emotional Support Husband. Therefore, we have to work within his schedule.

Eventually, I hope to put on my big girl pants and go on my own. Therefore, I would be able to stay for more of the day. Since it is a long way to go, I plan to ask if I can have two lessons.

Well, why not do the same at SSF? It takes the entire day anyway. Riding another horse isn’t the rate-limiting step. [Have You Got All Day? Anatomy of A Saddle Seat Lesson]

And here we are.

Alvin acts as office cat.


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