Removing The Second Rein


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Rodney has lost hackamore privileges. [Two Reins]

On the upside, he goes well in it. Giving aids to his nose does not cause the overly-dramatic curled shrimp reaction that using a bit does.

On the downside, he ignores it.

Part of the problem with his epic fuss was that I started with a solid hold of the hackamore rein. I had no input at all. Once I got a better grip of the bit rein, we were able to have more of a conversation. [Rodney Is Sent to the Horse House]

Rodney now wears a bit when he accompanies me on my walks.

I have been walking with the horses off & on. [Humming Along]

New plan is more on that off, more Rodney than Milton.

Since he is back to wearing a bit under saddle, he’s doing the handwalks with a bit to get him readjusted to the idea. He also wears his saddle because he takes walks more seriously if he’s tacked up.

Yes, Rodney, remedial classes suck pond water. Should’ve made better life choices.


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